targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards is supporting the 1 Hour Project as our Social Enterprise Partner

1 Hour Project

The statistics and research are irrefutable – there is a social mobility problem in the UK.

37% of low socio-economic students said they would like the support of a mentor/buddy.

(Cibyl research 2022)

Doors to the full range of graduate careers are closed to those from low income backgrounds. It’s the result of a combination of academic elitism and a lack of access to professional networks. And the social and economic consequences are enormous.

The 1 Hour Project was founded in 2020 to address this problem.

We want to level the playing field.

Every person should have access to a professional network that helps them.

The 1 Hour Project is a not for profit organisation designed to match students from low income backgrounds with industry experts. Experts who provide invaluable career insights over the course of an hour long conversation.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our ambitions. We need to make this project permanent. We want to support as many students as we can to enable them to access the widest possible range of graduate opportunities available.

But we can’t do this on our own. The 1 Hour Project is funded by donations. We need your help to help us achieve our mission – help 10,000 students by 2026.

£100 enables us to deliver the programme and positively impact the lives of 2 students.

You will have the opportunity to support this work at the event. We would like to thank you in advance.

To find out more, visit: